Rabe’s Quality Meat, Inc is an Omaha family owned and operated company that has been in business since 1984.  

Rabe's specializes in custom further processing for primarily cooked beef operations. Currently we have around 100 employees and the plant has the ability to process a million pounds of beef in a week. The majority of the products that we trim fall into four categories of whole muscle cuts: the Inside Round, the Outside Round, the Brisket and the Top Butt. 

All of our products are custom

Simply provide us the specifications and we can replicate anything to fit your production needs. We have the ability to produce anything from LTL to full truck loads and can ship anywhere in the continental United States and Canada.

Furthering our commitment to providing safe food, we have become a GFSI Certified Supplier through obtaining our Level 3 Comprehensive Food Safety and Quality Management System Certification with SQF.

Our mission is to produce an accurate custom product as efficiently as possible through the constant evolution of our systems and proper logic driven pricing. 

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